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Pandemic...Antibacterial essential oils... Over the week, many customers and friends have inquired about essential oils and covid-19 disease.


Can essential oils provide protection against Covid?

Can you recommend any oil?

Is there a research report?


Historical data shows that pure essential oils generally have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and this is the proven fact.


Although currently, there isn’t sufficient research upon which pure essential oils have stronger effects against coronavirus. However, referring to the historical records, during the outbreak period, the use of pure essential oils, especially those synergy blend essential oils that are targeted for antibacterial and antiviral effects, certainly worked positively towards the human body.


The Black Death that broke out in Europe during the Middle Ages is the most typical example. It was a bubonic plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. It was estimated that one-third of Europeans died in this plague. At that time, there were many stories about herbal treatments, one of which took place in France, where the protagonists were thieves with antibodies.


At that time, due to the ongoing outbreak of the plague, many cities and towns were in a state of decadence and emptiness, many properties were vacant, either house owners may have passed away due to the plague or sent to isolation due to infections. Because of this, several young men started to steal. After they succeeded repeatedly, they became more arrogant and presumptuous.


However, it was strange that none of the thieves contracted the plague, despite the close contact with the Black-Death victims or property left by the deceased.


In the end, they were arrested and the judge forced them to disclose the secret of staying immune, and the mystery was finally revealed.


It was said that before they became thieves, they were perfume & spice merchants. They were unemployed because of the outbreak of the plague, and they had no choice but to start stealing. They formulated herbal blends to be applied all over the body to prevent bacterial infections. After the secret was revealed, the front line medical staff filled the beak-shaped masks with those herbs to prevent infection. However, although this formula has been passed down, different versions were found as time passed by.


Based on an experiment conducted by the University of Manchester in England in 2004, It was confirmed that tea trees and geraniums can instantly kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli in a laboratory environment.


Again, there is no doubt that pure essential oils have antibacterial properties. However, due to the lack of complete research reports and verification by experts at this stage, to accurately designate a certain essential oil against the coronavirus, we still wait for a more complete experimental report. However, it might take a few more years.


Despite effects on coronavirus strain, pure essential oils are powerful healing agents in the terms of emotion and energy. Especially during this period, many people have negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, pessimism and fear due to the pandemic. Fortunately, most of the pure essential oils have soothing and balancing properties.


Moreover, emotions are also closely related to the body's immune system. Pure essential oils can help to calm emotions, heal the soul, and strengthen the body's defence system indirectly. Of course, it is also very important to perform more exercise, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, have enough rest and sleep, and love yourself more.


Instead of getting entangled in fighting the virus, it is more practical to improve one's own immunity. Scholars in the medical field and natural therapy have also repeatedly confirmed that negative emotions can indeed affect our body's immune system!