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Palm Wax Tea Lights are made from 100% Vegetable Palm Oil, a replenishing raw material that is an environmental friendly alternative to paraffin based tea light candles. 

There candles also have clean burning properties with no smoke. Palm Wax Tea Lights are perfect for use in well ventilated vaporizers and oil burners.

* Environment friendly
* Smokeless
* No toxic particles with burning
* Safe low temperature candle oil while burning


Made From 100% vegetable palm wax
Quantity: 48pcs per box


Why do we want to burn the candles made from vegetable oils?

Very clear burning properties with no toxic particles with burning.
Candles which are made from vegetable oil has a very clean burning properties and it does not emit the soot and fumes that are attributed to run-of-the-mill paraffin candles and is healthier for those enjoying burning the candles at home. 

Help to safe our environment.
The vegetable palm wax that we used to make our candles are from a sustainable and renewable resources. It is also a biodegradable materials. Thus, the candle we make in our factory is an environmentally and eco-friendly product. 

Candles which are made from vegetable palm wax is a natural product and it does not require any additives. Only dyes and fragrance, if desired and it is free from the paraffin wax and animal fat. 

No headaches.
Some people experiencing a horrible headaches when they are around the burning paraffin candles. This is because Paraffin is a petroleum product - a byproduct of petroleum refining. It is believed to have caused allergies to some people.

Will not bend 

The candles make from vegetable palm wax will not go bend or become sticky even when exposed to the sun light or higher temperatures 
From the above mentioned advantages of burning the candles from the palm oils, why dont we start using the palm wax candles today!

Safety Reminder
* Remove all packaging before use. 
* Ensure that candles are burnt away from draughts & flammable materials.
* Candles should always be burnt in an appropriate holder and placed on a heat resistant surface. 
* Do not attempt to move a burning candle. 
* Up to 4 hours burning time.

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Why Blu Scents?

    * 100% pure essential oil, concentrated, therapeutic grade
    * Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oil – 100% naturally extracted from plants
    * Source from members of Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC), in United Kingdom
    * Stringent laboratory  (GLC method) testing

      In 2004 Blu Scents was established to share the benefits of aromatherapy through a range of therapeutic-grade products and treatments. We've continued to develop and expand our products’ ranges for your convenience accessibility. We are dedicated to sharing the positive benefits of essential oils as widely as possible.

      It's more than a business for us; it's a way of life.

      At Blu Scents we have a rigorous policy to ensure that our oils are not just 100% pure, but of excellent quality - source from members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) in United Kingdom directly. Stringent Laboratory testing ensures the quality of Original Essential Oil for maintaining its natural healing properties.

      Our company brings together a team of talented and committed people with unique and complementary skills. With experience in product development, we understand your aromatherapy needs from every angle. Our hands-on approach enables us to provide a comprehensive service at every level. We pride ourselves on providing all our customers with first class service and guaranteed value.

      We are working hard to maintain the price at a reasonable benchmark, and we do not use fanciful packaging and marketing scheme where no further price mark-up for better discounting rate.

      We hope you enjoy shopping with us! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at


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      We handle your order thoughtfully & wrapped each order with care & love by our packing team to guarantee a perfect sending. Every order will be counter checked and are individually wrapped to ensure maximum protection, "fragile" sign is sticked on parcel or boxes.

      We care to offer you a quality service from selection to the delivery of our products.

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