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Rove beetles are here! How to deal with and keep them out?


It's been hot and rainy these days. A Warm and humid environment provides the ideal conditions for pest reproduction. It's annoying when there is a lot more bug activity after a rain.


In addition to mosquitoes, in Northern Malaysia, you may also need to pay attention whether there are unwelcome guests - rove beetles breaking into your home.



What is a rove beetle?



Rove beetle - commonly known as "Charlie ant", it is not an ant, but a beetle. The body looks like an ant, with black and yellow colours. It has a small body, but emits powerful poisonous toxins.


In Penang, February to April and August to October are the high-risk periods when they rapidly breed and infest. Rove beetles are mostly attracted to brighter areas with the presence of light sources, especially high-rise buildings.


If you see them, don't ever try to squash them with your bare hand!


Rove beetles actually don't bite or sting. As a matter of fact, rove beetles cause dermatitis by releasing a fluid containing a toxin called Pederin. This usually happens when you crush the beetle. When they get contact with skin, the toxin burns the skin and causes dermatitis - developing rash, swelling, tingling, itching, blisters and other symptoms.


Sometimes they are hidden in clothes and towels. We might accidentally crush it without noticing, the clothes and towels that are contaminated with toxins, will cause infections when they come in contact with the skin.




Don't let these pests seize your house anymore, let's see if there is any way to get rid of them!



In addition to unbearable odours and toxins, spraying synthetic chemical insect repellents in the surrounding environment also poses a safety hazard.


Actually, rove beetles dislike pure essential oils that contain phytochemicals such as menthol, citronellal, limonene, geraniol etc, and those are natural Insect repellents too.






Bugs Away synergy blend essential oil is always the first to think of - when referring to repelling insects.

Just add a few drops into the diffuser to keep insects at bay.

It has a wonderful grassy lemony fragrance, complemented with a slightly sweet floral scent, making the environment pleasant and comforting, and at the same time it is not harmful to health, especially suitable for families with small babies.


At the same time, it has a strong disinfection and antibacterial effect that can purify the air in the house.



Aromatic insect repellent spray



You can also mix water or alcohol to make an aromatic insect repellent spray and spray around the areas that the pests might appear.



Apply on the skin

You may dilute it with base oils such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, etc., after dilution, apply a small amount to exposed areas of the body for skin care and mosquito prevention.


If exposed to rove beetle toxin, wash affected areas immediately with clean water and soap, and then apply lavender essential oil topically to help reduce inflammation and avoid infection.

If the situation is serious, seek medical treatment immediate.