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Pure Essential Oil



Medicines Out of The Earth

Getting to know essential oils before? Have you already “discovered” the art of aromatherapy & what it has to offer?

You do not need to have worked with essential oils on a daily basis over many years to come to realisation that nature has provided mankind with tremendously powerful & diverse materia medica.

There are about 300 essential oils in general use today by professional practitioners, but the average household could fulfill all is likely needs with about 10. Modern-day research has confirmed centuries of practical use of the oils.

One of the most satisfactory aspects of using essential oils medicinally & cosmetically is that they enter & leave the body with great efficiency, leaving no toxins behind. The most effective way to use essential oils is not orally, as one might think, but by external application @ inhalation.

Unlike chemical drugs, essential oils do not, as far as we know, remain in the body. They are excreted through urine & faeces, perspiration & exhalation. Expulsion takes 3 to 6 hours in a normal, healthy body & up to 14 hours in an obese @ unhealthy body.