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Pure essential oils are highly concentrated to be used on the skin, and therefore they are diluted in a carrier oil / base oil. After dilution, the pure essential oils then can be massaged or rubbed on to the skin in the correct dosage. Few drops of a pure essential oil may be all you need to use. That obviously will not go very far, but when it is diluted in a carrier oil it will cover quite a large area.


Carrier oils are extracted from vegetable, seed or nut oils that are obtained from plants grown all over the world. The carrier oils used in aromatherapy should be cold-pressed, as the oils on the supermarket shelves may have been processed with a chemical agent.


Massage therapy is one the nicest way to enjoy the healing touch of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy Massage is effective in helping to improve circulation, muscle relaxation, pain relief and also promote emotional healing and relaxation.


Enjoy the pleasure of pampering using our purest and highest-quality carrier oil by harnessing the power of nature for your well-being.