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Muscular Tension Reliever Pure Essential Oil Remedy


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* Useful for muscular & joint pain
* Warming for tired muscle & helps general numbness
* Superb tonic to the circulatory system
* Cleansing of the body waste
* 100% pure essential oil – 100% naturally extracted from plants
* concentrated & with therapeutic grade,  source from members of ATC (Aromatherapy Trade Council) in UK

Blu Scents Muscular Tension Reliever Pure Essential Oil Remedy Inclusive Of:

1 x Blu Scents Juniper Berry Pure Essential Oil 5ml
1 x Blu Scents Ginger Pure Essential Oil 5ml
1 x Blu Scents Marjoram, Sweet Pure Essential Oil 5ml
1 x Gift Box decorated with Ribbon

Joint pain is a very common problem millions of people suffering from everyday. There are many possible causes but it's usually a result of repetitive movement, over-exertion, injury or arthritis.

This remedy is very effective in relieve joint pain, it's anti-inflammatory properties is of great help to those suffering arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and muscle fatigue too.
You can add few drops of essential oil to your hot bath or few drops in hot compress and apply to the affected areas.

This set is nicely packed in a red gift box, great for gift giving or self indulgence.

JUNIPER BERRY Pure Essential Oil
100% Juniperus communis (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description:
a wonderfully calming berries-like scents
Species Name: Juniperus communis
Country of Origin: Italy
Extraction: Berries
Note: Middle

* Good for stress-related conditions.
* Very strong diuretic & antiseptic.
* Valuable in cystitis, fluid retention, cellulite.
* Eliminates uric acid & helps with gout.
* Tonic for oily & congested skin, dermatitis.

GINGER Pure Essential Oil
100% Zingiber officinalis (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: A warming earthy-spicy scent
Species Name: Zingiber officinale
Country of Origin: India
Extraction: Root
Note: Middle

* Relieves nervous exhaustion.
* Good for catarrh, congestion, chesty cough.
* Aids flatulence indigestion & loss of appetite.
* Excellent to boost the blood circulation.
* Warming for muscular aches & rheumatism.

MARJORAM SWEET Pure Essential Oil
100% Origanum marjorana (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: a warming spicy-camphoraceous aroma
Species Name: Origanum marjorana
Country of Origin: France
Extraction: Dried flowering herb
Note: Middle

* Promote deep mental & physical relaxation.
* Excellent for insomnia & anxiety.
* Eases sinusitis, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs.
* Relieve Headaches & migraine.
* Good for muscular spasms & stiffness.


For bathing, add 3 drops of juniper berry + 4 drops of marjoram + 3 drops of ginger pure essential oil to the warm bath water when the tub is 80% full. Close the door of the bathroom so the vapours don't escape. Soak for 20 - 30 minutes, breathing in deeply to get yourself relax.

For foot bath, add 1 drop of juniper berry,1 drop of ginger and 2 drops of marjoram pure essential oil to a bucket of warm water, soak for 10 - 15 minutes, it is also one of the effective ways in improving your blood circulation.

Hot / Cold compress
A compress is a pack of cloth or gauze pad, usually dampened with hot or cold water which has been added with pure essential oils and pressed firmly against a part of the body to relieve discomfort.
Add 1 drop of juniper berry,1 drop of ginger and 2 drops of marjoram pure essential oil to a bowl of hot or cold water, soak the cloth, wring and apply to the affected areas.
Hot compress helps relieve joint/muscle aches, chronic pain, and a cold compress for inflammation, temperature and sprains.

Dilute with carrier oil, such as almond oil or sunflower oil and massage.
Don't massage to sore joints that hurts, just apply gently. However, if it doesn't hurt, a good massage can help warm the joints, increase blood flow and relieve the pain.

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Why Blu Scents?

    * 100% pure essential oil, concentrated, therapeutic grade
    * Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oil – 100% naturally extracted from plants
    * Source from members of Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC), in United Kingdom
    * Stringent laboratory  (GLC method) testing

      In 2004 Blu Scents was established to share the benefits of aromatherapy through a range of therapeutic-grade products and treatments. We've continued to develop and expand our products’ ranges for your convenience accessibility. We are dedicated to sharing the positive benefits of essential oils as widely as possible.

      It's more than a business for us; it's a way of life.

      At Blu Scents we have a rigorous policy to ensure that our oils are not just 100% pure, but of excellent quality - source from members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) in United Kingdom directly. Stringent Laboratory testing ensures the quality of Original Essential Oil for maintaining its natural healing properties.

      Our company brings together a team of talented and committed people with unique and complementary skills. With experience in product development, we understand your aromatherapy needs from every angle. Our hands-on approach enables us to provide a comprehensive service at every level. We pride ourselves on providing all our customers with first class service and guaranteed value.

      We are working hard to maintain the price at a reasonable benchmark, and we do not use fanciful packaging and marketing scheme where no further price mark-up for better discounting rate.

      We hope you enjoy shopping with us! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at


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      We care to offer you a quality service from selection to the delivery of our products.

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